Attard Property Tax Services, Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm with a practice restricted to property tax and assessment matters.  We assist property owners throughout Ontario obtain fair and equitable property tax assessments.

We provide our clients with the expertise needed to navigate the increasingly complex field of Ontario assessment legislation.  Our professionals are experienced in all matters relating to property taxation and municipal assessment.

Commercial property is real property owned for the purpose of generating income. We have generated millions of dollars in tax savings for owners of Office, Retail and Medical property owners.

10,000+ Commercial Properties , $5M+ Tax Savings

Industrial properties are valued based on the cost approach. The valuation theory is based on the principle of substitution. Why pay more if an equally functional alternative is available for less?

6,000+ Industrial Properties, $15M+ Tax Savings

Multi-Residential properties are valued based on the income approach. Value is determined by applying a capitalization rate to an estimate of net income. It is important that these be correct.

3,000+ Multi-Res Properties, $4M+ Tax Savings


We begin the review process by filing of a Request for Reconsideration with MPAC, and if necessary we will also file an appeal to the Assessment Review Board.  The ARB is an independent tribunal, with a mandate to hear appeals about property assessment and classification.


We file tax appeals with local municipalities to request that taxes be cancelled, reduced or refunded for a variety of reasons including tax class changes, fire, demolition, repairs, renovations, or a gross or manifest error in the calculation of taxes.


We assist owners of commercial and industrial properties that are partially or entirely vacant to obtain a rebate of property taxes for the period of vacancy.  We verify rebate eligibility and prepare the required affidavit and all necessary supporting documentation.


Our team of legal professionals will work relentlessly to generate tax savings for you.
Pay absolutely nothing unless you obtain tax savings.